Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Room 8 Team Building Day

Room 8 had the most fantastic day today!  The students undertook a number of team building activities guided by Lee and Barry where they had to use communication, cooperation, team work, listening and problem solving skills.

First, students had to bounce a large ball on the parachute.  There were lots of challenges -  bounce up to hit the roof, bounce for a certain time limit, roll around the edges, and pass over to the other group to catch on their parachute!

The next activity involved getting two hoops around the circle while the students were holding hands.

The students were split into two groups.  One group had a challenge of throwing various pieces of equipment onto a large points-numbered board to try and meet their goal.  Unfortunately, the large middle square was -5 points!

Our second group had the task of moving a bucket full of small bowls by rope to two bins.  A certain amount of balls had to fall into the bin.  Team work was definitely called for!

 The groups then swapped over.

 Read on for Pt 2!

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